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Democracy Now! guest portrayed as Illegal immigrant turns out to be educated CEO with daughter in private school

As you read this please remember that this is more of a case-study in political dishonesty than an exposé. Treat this story as reason for everyone to make their first reaction one of caution and not sympathy. This is not … Continue reading

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In Context War Report #4: Conflict with Russia

In this episode of the War Report we discuss the possibility of a conflict between Russia and the United States. We examine the military capabilities of the two countries and consider their latest military advancements. We also look at how … Continue reading

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In Context: The War Report #2 – Vladamir Putin

In this episode of the War Report we discuss the rise of Vladimir Putin from lowly KGB Agent to Ruler of Russia. We examine Putin’s past and try to understand the man who’s actions have transformed Russia from a shell … Continue reading

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The High School Lockdown: Plagued with Oversights

On April 11th, 2013 Greenwich High School, in Greenwich, CT, entered a lockdown after a couple of students called the police to report that a student might be armed and was entering the campus. The dispatch immediately relayed information to … Continue reading

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Was Newtown Massacre a Symptom of a Sick Society?

Last week, a gunman entered an elementary school in Sandy Hook, CT, only 40 minutes from where I live, and murdered children. This unthinkable and vile act has sparked a tidal wave of gun control debates in the mainstream media … Continue reading

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Podcast for 9-24-12

If you missed the program yesterday you can download the podcast here. We talked about the controversial film “The Innocence of Muslims” and the murder of Chris Stevens at the Libyan consulate among other topics.

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Podcast for 9/17/12, Capitalism in segment 1 and The Innocence of Muslims in segment 2

Click here to download this week’s podcast to hear our discussion on whether capitalism works and if it exists in America. We also covered the new controversial film “the innocence of muslims” and the controversy it has sparked. Please listen … Continue reading

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