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Podcast for 4-23-12: Rebuilding America

The podcast for yesterday’s show. Despite getting sidetracked a few times, we managed to spend most of the hour discussing ideas to reinvigorate the American economy, public health and education with many ideas large and small.

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Podcast for April 17th, 2012: The Buffet Rule

To listen to yesterday’s podcast please use this link. We discussed the “Buffet Rule”, Obama’s proposed new tax plan to increase the rates at which millionaires are taxed. Then we talked about the many ways in which we waste money … Continue reading

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Podcast for April 9, 2012

Here is the podcast for today’s show. We spoke with David Samuels of the Connecticut Community Party about public banking and racial profiling by police in Connecticut.

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Podcast for March 26th, 2012

If you missed today’s broadcast and would like to listen, here is the link to the podcast. Today’s show was the war report where we discussed the material covered in our YouTube video expose on the popular youtube video and … Continue reading

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Podcast from 3-19-12

In case you missed the show yesterday here’s the link. We discuss the mysterious phenomena of chemtrails in a recently recorded interview with Michael Murphy, producer of the new film “Why in the World are they Spraying?”. Then we talk … Continue reading

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Is Kony 2012 really about the oil in Sudan?

In this special edition of In Context we play an excerpt from an earlier video interview with our guest Rick Rozoff, author of the blog “Stop Nato”. Then we react and comment on the suspicious timing and facts around the … Continue reading

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In Context Liberty News and War Report for 3/14/12

In this episode we speak with journalist Rick Rozoff, author of the blog Stop NATO about NATO’s broader plans in the middle east and how they connect to the possible interventions in Syria and Iran. We also speak about how … Continue reading

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